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1463 - Shingle Creek Welcome CenterAsset Management
District 1Economic GrowthInfrastructureGreat Neighborhoods
CompletedSep 192011Oct 172012
1500 - Courthouse Square Expansion - Phase I - Parking GarageAsset Management
District 3Infrastructure
CompletedJun 202011May 12012
1570 – Courthouse Mediation SuiteAsset Management
District 4Infrastructure
CompletedOct 12011May 222012
1645 - Health Department Modular at PoincianaAsset Management
District 3InfrastructureGreat Neighborhoods
CompletedOct 12010Sep 302012
1845 - Courthouse Courtroom & Holding (3rd Floor)Asset Management
District 4Infrastructure
CompletedApr 152013Oct 112013
2006 - EOC Build-outAsset Management
District 4Infrastructure
CompletedSep 202011Dec 142011
2006C - EOC Parking Garage Lightning ProtectionAsset Management
District 4Infrastructure
CompletedOct 12011Aug 312012
2134 - Jail Emergency Action RenovationsAsset Management
District 2Great Neighborhoods
CompletedMar 102010May 302013
7173 - West Osceola LibraryAsset Management
District 1InfrastructureGreat Neighborhoods
CompletedOct 12010Feb 92013
7248 - Marydia Community CenterAsset Management
District 4InfrastructureGreat Neighborhoods
CompletedJan 272012Sep 302013
7509 - OHP Multipurpose StorageAsset Management
District 4Economic Growth
CompletedAug 272012Jan 142013
7551 - OHP Access to Arena FloorAsset Management
District 4Economic Growth
CompletedJun 12012Sep 302012
7590 - Austin-Tindall ParkAsset Management
District 5InfrastructureGreat Neighborhoods
CompletedOct 22011Nov 292012
9112 - Sheriff's Office Contaminated-Drug Evidence Dry StorageAsset Management
District 4Effective Government
CompletedJul 162012Dec 72012
9115 - Sheriff's Office DNA Screening LabAsset Management
CompletedOct 12011Apr 112012
9126 - Sheriff's Office Latent Examiner LabAsset Management
District 4Effective Government
CompletedOct 12011Apr 112012
9183 - Sheriff's Office Fueling FacilityAsset Management
District 4Infrastructure
CompletedOct 12011May 142012
9621 - Stadium Place Health Facility - AdditionAsset Management
District 2Economic GrowthEffective GovernmentInfrastructureGreat Neighborhoods
CompletedDec 52012Dec 302013
Chisholm Park-Management Plan and opening of Horse Park for Veterans programAsset Management
District 5Effective GovernmentGreat Neighborhoods
CompletedMar 12013Dec 12013
Clerk of Courts IT Room RenovationAsset Management
District 4Effective Government
CompletedJul 62012Sep 72012
Intercession City Health ClinicAsset Management
District 1Great Neighborhoods
CompletedJan 182013Oct 242013
Osceola County Community Health ClinicAsset Management
District 2InfrastructureGreat Neighborhoods
CompletedOct 12011Aug 12012
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