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Information Technology
Information Technology Incident Statistics
All Tickets 509 0 %
Total Effort 17,106days 0 %
Avg. Net Incidents 492.6 0 %
Priority Problems 2 Outage and High Priority
First Call Resolution 6 0 %
All Problems and Tasks Tickets Submitted to Information Technology from May 1 to May 31, 2020
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Budget Summary for Information Technology
Approved Budget $0
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Expenses FYTD $0 -
FY 2013 Budget to Actual by Cost Center *
Cost CenterBudgetExpenditures YTD% Expended YTD
Total Budget for Information Technology$0$0
Project Summary for Information Technology Strategic Goal Project Alignment
Economic Growth 0 Projects
Infrastructure 0 Projects
Great Neighborhoods 0 Projects
In Progress 10 Active Projects
Completed 0 Last 30 Days
Website Statistics for May 2020
Page Views 0 0%
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